Joy Reid Fiasco Shows Leftist Hypocrisy

MSNBC’s darling Joy Reid has been unmasked. Her true homophobic core has been unearthed. She had hoped that this issue was forever buried. There is a saying that no person is rich enough to buy back their past, but Joy Reid is doing just that. Joy Reid is trying to buy it back by hiring expensive crisis PR experts to get her out of the firestorm that has ensued.

Recently, PFLAG, the nation’s first and largest organization for the family and friends of LGBTQ people, rescinded Reid’s “Straight for Equality in Media” award in light of the controversy. She received the award for her work as a progressive media figure that strongly supported LGBTQ rights, something that PFLAG now believes to be insincere.

Instead of just admitting and apologizing, Reid resorted to the “dog ate my homework” alibi. She claims someone hacked into her old blog site and entered those homophobic posts. That has been disproven.

This is similar to something that happened several years ago to Los Angeles Clippers NBA owner Donald Sterling. Sterling was set to receive yet another lifetime achievement award from the NAACP. However, phone call recordings surfaced with Sterling telling his mistress to stay away from black players because her association with them was bad for his image.

The firestorm that ensued was intense and immediate. Players threatened a boycott from games, and coach Glen Rivers demanded that Sterling sell the team. The NBA Front Office got involved and the owners also demanded that Sterling sell the team immediately or face having his franchise taken from him. He was banned from attending games or sitting in his own courtside seats. No amount of mea culpas could have saved Sterling. He couldn’t say the voice in the phone recording was an imposter like Reid is now saying about hackers planting her blog posts. He wasn’t a darling of the left like Joy Reid.

MSNBC is in a jam. Reid is one of their cash cows, pulling in very high ratings for the network. They have decided to move with caution and allow an investigation to take place.

So, for the moment, Joy Reid is still on the air. Sterling got no such consideration.

Sheriff (ret.) David Clarke