Joe Biden, Chief Race-Baiter

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who once said Republicans will “have y’all back in chains” to black people, is at it again playing an insidious game of racial politics. His most recent foray occurred during an interview on MSNBC where he said, without foundation, that Republicans “do not want black people to vote.”

Let me begin by reminding folks that it was the Democratic Party in the mid-1960’s who opposed to the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. Even though Democrats held the White House with President Lyndon B. Johnson and both chambers of Congress, Johnson had to solicit Republican members of Congress to get enough votes for the passage of these two very important bills.

Biden didn’t specifically identify the Republicans he was referring to. No, his statement reflects the typical exploitative politics of the left. Many prominent Democrats use a broad brush to smear anybody and everybody whose views they disagree with. In the MSNBC interview with Al Sharpton, Biden cites Republican efforts to clean up and prevent election fraud through voter ID laws as proof that disenfranchisement is Republicans’ true objective. 

Apparently, Old Joe hasn’t done his research. The fact of the matter is that states with strong voter ID laws have actually seen an increase in minority participation. Biden doesn’t care about the truth – he never has. Like most liberals (notice that I didn’t smear every liberal even though I would be correct in doing so), Biden knows how to play the politics of race. Similar to an arsonist, such leftists simply throw a match on a highly combustible surface and walk away.

When racially-charged accusations are thrown around, most Republicans flee, for they don’t want to face the heat of the fire. In fact, many even go into their self-flagellation act which includes public denials of being racist along with examples of how many black friends they have. This is useless and Biden knows it.

The more effective response to counter these malicious character smears is found in historical accuracy. The reality is that the Democratic Party played a role in blocking the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. When Democrats race-bait you, ask them how they possibly reconcile with their party's sordid history regarding hatred of black people. Then, follow up by reminding them that it was the GOP – the party of President Lincoln – that freed the slaves. 

Always be prepared to remind Democrats that the GOP was founded on the abolition of the ugly institution of slavery and always expect them to switch topics or personally attack you. Once that happens, it means you probably got the better of them on the issue.

Sheriff (ret.) David Clarke