Public Education Needs Revamped

The nation’s report card on student achievement illustrates abysmal test scores for Baltimore City public schools. Baltimore is a city long ruled by Democratic politicians and their lapdog, the teachers’ unions. These monolithic unions consistently vote for liberals and they must be stopped.

Come budget time, one thing is for certain: teachers’ unions crying that not enough is spent on education. Maryland State Education Association Vice President Cheryl Bost said that "Our students are learning, but they could learn so much more if we had the adequate resources and staffing we need.”

Really? Right on cue, too.

Baltimore already spends $15,554 per student on education. That is the fourth highest spending out of the biggest 100 public schools – Baltimore spends drastically more per student. And their teachers' union VP says that they don’t spend enough.

For all that money, Baltimore’s eighth-grade students still don’t test well. Only 11 percent of them are proficient in math, and only 14 percent of fourth and eighth graders are proficient in reading. Too many people mistake activity for accomplishment. School spending is an activity while reading and math test scores are accomplishments. We need greater accomplishments, and the Baltimore City Public School System isn’t producing them.

At the end of the day, these activities are criminal. They are fraudulent activities perpetrated against the parents of Baltimore students and Maryland taxpayers. They could even close public schools in Baltimore and reading and math scores would not be much worse than they are now.

The school-to-prison pipeline that liberals and Democratic politicians say the urban, a.k.a. black, public school systems enable was constructed by none other than liberal Democrats. They don’t care about kids, they care about the political voting power of the teachers’ union. If they cared about kids, they would unshackle kids from the plantation of liberal politics.

This is an opening for conservatives who support charter schools, vouchers, and parental choice. This is a chance for conservatives to gain public support for the expansion of these opportunities. Said opportunities will assist parents as they try to save their child from likely criminal paths such as prison. The question is whether conservatives actually care enough to do something about it or if they will simply express disgust toward the politics of it all.

Sheriff (ret.) David Clarke