Big Media: The New Dinosaur

Big media is facing a reality, one that proves to be a bitter pill to swallow. They have dwindled into irrelevance, especially in today's body politic. Before the tech boom, the public was at the mercy of big media outlets to get their dose of worldly news and local events. That day is over.

No longer will the public accept the old model in which they sit in front of a TV and listen to a political hack in a drab suit robotically read talking points from a teleprompter. We are no longer passive consumers of the drivel that the networks and cable stations often pour down our throats. We no longer are beholden to their biased, skewed analysis of the day’s events and how they might be relevant.

Social media has made alternative news sources possible and it’s been a game changer. President Donald Trump led the way in neutralizing and defanging big media with his use of social media. He coined the term “fake news.” Trump pulled back the curtain of Oz the Great and Powerful, the big media outlets, and gave the American people a glimpse into its propaganda machine. Those outlets are all smoke and mirrors.

How do I know that these media elites have not accepted the changes in technology? Well, look at what has changed in the last 30 years: nothing. Except, however, that every story they report is now “breaking news.” Even the most mundane or routine event is now “breaking news.” How is that possible? If everything is breaking news, then nothing is.

We the people are now able to control how we consume news when we do it, and what we find interesting. We can draw our own conclusions instead of having it spoon fed to us from media propagandists. Individuals are now their own reporters, offering independent commentary and analysis. We are no longer at the whim of the major networks, passively consuming the news in front of an idiot box every night. We are now active participants in the news.

CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN and even Fox no longer get to tell us what to consume as new. We get to make our own news and tell our own stories.

Sheriff David Clarke