Joy Reid Fiasco Shows Leftist Hypocrisy

MSNBC’s darling Joy Reid has been unmasked. Her true homophobic core has been unearthed. She had hoped that this issue was forever buried. There is a saying that no person is rich enough to buy back their past, but Joy Reid is doing just that. Joy Reid is trying to buy it back by hiring expensive crisis PR experts to get her out of the firestorm that has ensued.

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Public Education Needs Revamped

The nation’s report card on student achievement illustrates abysmal test scores for Baltimore City public schools. Baltimore is a city long ruled by Democratic politicians and their lapdog, the teachers’ unions. These monolithic unions consistently vote for liberals and they must be stopped

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Big Media: The New Dinosaur

Big media is facing a reality, one that proves to be a bitter pill to swallow. They have dwindled into irrelevance, especially in today's body politic. Before the tech boom, the public was at the mercy of big media outlets to get their dose of worldly news and local events. That day is over.

Sheriff David Clarke

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